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Among the Asian ladies, Japanese women are known as cute, sexy, and charming. No surprise, men from many countries want to meet women from Japan. Some of them wear doll dresses and adore people with an innocent look, and others prefer such gorgeous dresses and revealing bikinis that no one can take their eyes off them. In this list, we want to introduce you to the 35 most beautiful Japanese girls who will definitely win your heart. Here you can find hot famous Japanese Women, models, actresses, singers, and even a flutist. Enjoy!

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#1 Sakura Miyawaki

Sakura is a popular J-pop , actress, and video gamer, who is known as a member of the music group IZ*ONE. She started her career in 2011 with the idol group HKT48 and AKB48, and then in 2018 debuted with IZ*ONE. In April 2021, Sakura left the girl group and signed a new contract to become a member of the new group Le Serafim.

All hot Japanese women have cute faces. Her Instagram profile has already gained 2,2 million followers who love her talent and beauty.

Sakura Miyawaki

#2 Ayami Nakajo

Ayami is better known as a hot Japanese woman and model who worked with Chanel, Kate, and Max Mara. Also, she frequently appears on the covers of fashion & lifestyle magazines like L’Officiel, 25ans, Classy, Seventeen, and CanCam. Her facial features look more westernized as she is half-British, and this feature makes her beauty special. Some of her fans know Ayami because of her roles in TV drama series and films, for which she won a Best New Actress nomination at the Mainichi Film Award festival in 2017. She is one of the sexiest Japanese girls.

Ayami Nakajo

#3 Hana Matsushima

Hana gained popularity as an actress in 2014 after she starred in several TV series. Her attractive appearance and healthy lifestyle drew the attention of the Japanese magazine Yoga Journal and the Classy. She, like a sexy Japanese girl, can amaze with her beauty, indeed, as she has a graceful figure, plump seductive lips, and big eyes.

Hana Matsushima

#4 Suzu Hirose

Suzu is a 23-years old hot Japanese woman and actress who became widely famous after her role in the film Our Little Sister, which got critics’ acclaim and was nominated for Cannes Film Festival’s highest prize in 2015. She is considered one of the most promising actresses of the new generation by many critics and experts. She also worked as a model with Shiseido, Louis Vuitton, Mitsubishi, Fujifilm, and Air Jordan. She always looks incredible, especially when wears red lipstick.

Suzu Hirose

#5 Kiko Mizuhara

American-Japanese model Kiko attracts people with her charisma, unique style, and hot appearance. This sexy woman frequently walked for luxury brands like Chanel, Marc Jacobs, Moschino, and others. Nowadays, she also has her own brand of clothes, with is marked by bright bold designs. Her best features are a slim figure and seductive facial features, which she highlights with interesting, and sometimes revealing, outfits and bright makeup.

Kiko Mizuhara

#6 Hikari Mori

Another American-Japanese sexy woman became famous as a model in 2017 after modeling for Michael Kors. Since then, she has been on the covers of Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, and Grazia, and worked with Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana, Tiffany & Co, and other famous brands. All people who have ever worked with Hikari noticed not only her beauty but her cheerful and friendly personality. Alongside her model career, Hikari has her own brand Tefutfu whose main goal is to spread Japanese culture all over the world.

Hikari Mori

#7 Airi Shimizu

One of the most popular Japanese sexy girls, Airi Shimizu debuted as an actress and TV personality first. She appears in the TV shows Goddotan, Music Dragon, Lab Ho no Ueno-san, and others. Nowadays, she is known as a gravure girl with over ten photo books and many DVDs. Her large fan base loves her playful videos and beautiful photos because she is one of the most popular and hot Japanese girls.

Airi Shimizu

#8 Eri Sato (Rola)

Multi-talented Japanese-Bangladeshi Rola is known as a successful sexy Japanese lady, fashion model, actress, and tarento. She started her career as a model in 2010 and then became popular as a TV personality in 2011. Since then, the girl frequently appeared in different advertisement campaigns and was named the top-requested Japanese model in 2017 with fifteen commercial contracts. People love Eri Sato for her unique beauty, olive skin, and expressive eyes. A sexy Japanese woman Rola has an aesthetic Instagram profile where she often posts her pics in a gym, or at home.

Eri Sato (Rola)

#9 Nana Eiruka

Popular Japanese woman actress who can make you fall in love with her pure Japanese beauty. Her fans name her one of the celebrities who look cute and sexy at the same time. She gained popularity after modeling for some TV advertisements and fashion magazines in 2007. Also, she played several leading roles in Japanese drama series like Operation Loves, April bride, and Library Wars.

Nana Eiruka

#10 Yuri Shibuya

Japanese sexy and hot girl Yuri attracts fans with her hot body and cute doll-like face. She appeared in many magazines and posters in provocative and sexy outfits and bikinis but mostly gained popularity as an Instagram model. Her social media are full of playful photos, reviling selfies, and workout videos that can amaze everyone.

Yuri Shibuya

#11 Yuko Sugamoto

Beautiful Japanese Woman Yuko is best known as an influencer on Instagram and Youtube. Before her success as an influencer, she was one of the Japanese first-generation idols in the group HKT48. She shares with Japanese girls her beauty and fitness secrets, as she looks wonderful herself and many women want to look like Yuko.

Yuko Sugamoto

#12 Nicole Fujita

Nicole is a Japanese hot woman and TV personality who lives in Tokyo. Her charming face and beautiful body are a result of her Asian and European roots. She started modeling for various Japanese fashion and lifestyle magazines in 2012 and frequently appears on TV shows. Some people also know her as a voice actress for the anime Pokemon. Nowadays, she is one of the hot Japanese Women and has a popular YouTube channel with over 700,000 followers.

Nicole Fujita

#13 Mirei Kiritani

Mirei is a sexy Japanese woman and drama actress who debuted at a very young age. She was ranked number 12 in the list of the World Most Beautiful Actresses in 2012 published by the American website TC Candler. She looks charming, indeed, with a slim figure and delicate facial features. Looking at her in TV series and films, it’s easy to fall in love with Mirei.

Mirei Kiritani

#14 Nanoka

Another hot gravure model is Nanoka, whose real name is Nasuka Nasa. She started her career in 2011, and since then makes her fans happy with her revealing and provocative pics. This hottie is in love with a sauna where she usually makes dozens of alluring photos. If you want to enjoy the best shots of Nanoka, visit her Instagram account or Youtube Channel.


#15 Yuko Araki

Popular Japanese actress and model Yuko Araki started her career with a leading role in the film Ikari o Nagero in 2008. She is also a voice actress for several anime like Anoko no Toriko and The Crocodile that Lived for 100 years. For her beauty, she is well-requested as a model for luxury brands, especially Dior. She is a possessor of shiny dark hair, fair silky skin, and a captivating smile.

Yuko Araki

#16 Awich

Rapper and businesswoman Akiko Kurosaki, better known for her stage name Awich, first gained popularity in 2017 with the music group Yentown. In 2020 she debuted as a solo artist and has already released the album Queendom. On her social media, you will find many videos and photos from her amazing performances alongside her gorgeous pics in tight dresses and provocative stage outfits.


#17 Nozomi Sasaki

Sexy Nozomi is a famous fashion and one of the hot Japanese Girls, who also worked as a ringside commentator. As a model, she worked with many Japanese brands and appeared on the covers of magazines Pinky, Non-no, and others. Nozomi’s cute doll-like face and sexy figure helped her to become a successful gravure idol with many released photobooks and three DVDs. 

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Nozomi Sasaki

#18 Cocomi

Cocomi is a young Japanese model and flutist, whose real name is Kokomi Kimura. This 20-years old beauty started modeling in 2020, she appeared on the cover of the fashion magazine Vogue. Today, she is an ambassador of Dior and continues to model for magazines Elle, 25ans, VoCe, etc. Cocomi is also an amazing musician who charms people with her flute playing.


#19 Reiko McNish Sato

Reiko is a Japanese businesswoman, designer, model, and fitness influencer. She has a brand of women’s nightwear and seductive lingerie and frequently appears in some of her lingerie on her Instagram. Reiko has a perfect body and loves taking alluring pictures. Also, on her YouTube channel, she uploads workout videos that help her to stay in shape. 

Reiko McNish Sato

#20 Riisa Naka

Actress Riisa Naka became widely popular after playing in the dramas S1 Driver and Flunk Punk Rumble in 2010. She was named one of the most talented new actresses and won an award at the Yokohama Film Festival. She has a unique sense of style and prefers colorful extraordinary outfits. Her beauty, talent, and cheerfulness have already won the hearts of over 3 million people.

Riisa Naka

#21 Marie Iitoyo

Amazing actress Marie Iitoyo debuted in 2016 and rapidly gained popularity. Some of her last leading roles were in the Japanese dramas We Are One, Kishibe Rohan wa Ugokanai, and Hinekure Onna no Bocchimeshi. She posts the best moments of her life on Instagram and shares the film’s posters. She possesses soft facial features and a fragile body figure, that attracts one’s eye.

Marie Iitoyo

#22 Sayaka Isoyama – one of the most popular hot Japanese girls

The cute and innocent look of Sayaka can delight anyone. Sayaka has big bright eyes, a captivating smile, and sexy body curves. Sexy Japanese women like Sayaka very often is and actress, who has some photo books and DVDs, and appearances in Japanese TV series. If you want to see her best shots we recommend you get one of her photobooks.

Sayaka Isoyama

#23 Sayaka Nitori

Sayaka gained over 1 million followers on Instagram with her incredible beauty. She mostly works as a hottest Japanese women and has her own website where her photo books, videos, and some other options are available for purchasing. Also, she appeared on covers of the men’s lifestyle and entertainment magazines, especially PlayBoy. If you want to enjoy her sexy photos, visit her profile, where she posts dozens of alluring pics.

Sayaka Nitori

#24 Sana

A member of the K-pop group Twice, one of the most popular girl groups, Sana amazes people with her voice, dances, and beauty. Like most Asian idols, Sana started her career with training in talent school EXPG and then with the Korean talent agency JYP. In 2015, she participated in the reality show Sixteen and was included in the group Twice. This determined, ambitious, and multi-talented girl is also unbelievably beautiful. She has a perfect body and delicate facial features and looks amazing both on the stage and in real life.


#25 Tina Tamashiro

Tina charms people with her doll face and graceful silhouette. This young lady is an American-Japanese actress and model. She became a model after the president of the Dine and Indy agency saw her on the street and offered her to join the agency. She has also actively built her acting career since 2013, and now stars in different TV dramas and films.

Tina Tamashiro

#26 Momoko Kawazu

Momoko is popular in Japan as a gravure model and cosplayer. She released one photobook and some DVDs, which are available worldwide. This beautiful girl looks so innocent and seductive, that no one can take one’s eyes off her. Besides alluring photos in lingerie, Momoko shares her photoshoots in seductive maid and nurse costumes.

Momoko Kawazu

#27 Mika Nakashima

Mika is a great singer and actress, whose songs were frequently nominated as the best hits several times. In addition to her singing talent, Mika is also a good actress. She starred in the action films Nana and Resident Evil. This lady not only acted in films but released soundtracks that reached the highest positions on the Oricon Chart. Fans like her for her music and charming appearance. Her dark long hair looks incredible in combination with fair skin and bewitching eyes.

Mika Nakashima

#28 Tomomi Morisaki

Totomi is a possessor of a stunning curved figure. She is a gravure model and has almost 5 million followers on Instagram. She usually shares revealing photos, some of which save almost nothing for imagination. If you want to see the hottest woman from Japan, you should definitely visit her account. She also has a YouTube channel and several released photo books.

Tomomi Morisaki

#29 Erika Sawajiri

Beautiful Erika is a Japanese actress and singer. She started her acting career in 2002 and worked successfully until 2007. Then Erika disappeared for 3 years and then returned with the leading role in the horror film Helter Shelter. You can enjoy her traditional Japanese beauty or her performance in films like Shinobi: Heart Under Blade and A Song To The Sun.

Erika Sawajiri

#30 Momo Hirai

Momo is a member of the Korean group TWICE, she performs with Sana who we mentioned earlier in this list. Momo charmed thousands of people right after her debut and was ranked as the 20th most popular idol among members of Korean pop groups. She is also an amazing dancer, so it is impossible to take one’s eyes off her performances.

Momo Hirai

#31 Nashiko Momotsuki

26-years old Nashiko is famous as a cosplayer, model, and sexy Japanese girl. She starred in Mashin Sentai Keramager and its spin-off with a leading role during 2020-2021. Also, Nashiko released some DVDs and photo books with breathtaking and seductive photos. On social networks, this beauty usually shares revealing pictures, selfies, and cosplays.

Nashiko Momotsuki

#32 Haruna Kawaguchi

This beautiful Japanese girl and actress is known for her role in many Japanese films and anime series, especially in Great Teacher Onizuka, Say “I Love You”, Bittersweet, Ouran HighSchool Host Club, and One Week Friends. People both in Japan and abroad admire her plump lips, delicate face, and mysterious look that Haruka usually has in photos.

Haruna Kawaguchi

#33 Kaede Minami

Kaede is a famous Japanese woman and cosplayer, fashion model, and gravure idol. She possesses an amazing body with a seductive bust that attracts a lot of men all around the world. Her social media is full of sexy bikini and lingerie photos that will fascinate you, and impressive cosplays. She also actively posts on Weibo and Twitter.

Kaede Minami

#34 Mina Sharon Myoi

Mina is the third member of the K-pop group TWICE. She is a 25-years old hot Japanese singer and an incredible dancer. At a young age, she was scouted by a JYP recruiter and moved to South Korea. In 2015 she debuted with the group TWICE and gained worldwide recognition. Mina is an ex-ballet dancer and has numerous rehearsals for her performance on the stage, that’s why her body looks perfect and draws a lot of attention.

Mina Sharon Myoi

#35 Hitomi Honda

Hot japanese model Hitomi fascinates fans with her porcelain skin, light hair, and doll-like look. She became widely recognized as a member of the K-pop group IZ*One, but in 2021 she left the group. Nowadays, she is the owner of the beauty brand NOTONE, appears in commercials for Dior and on covers and spreads of the fashion magazines Non-no, She Three, and others.

Hitomi Honda


It was not easy to choose only 35 hot Japan ladies, as there are much more hotties in Japan. We hope you found this list engaging and enjoyed looking at these talented and beautiful women. Hot Japanese women have a unique role in Japanese society. Women and men are both very important to the functioning of any culture, but in Japan, it is somewhat different than in most other cultures.

One of the key differences between Japan today compared to years past is their increased participation outside of their homes. Traditionally, Japanese hotties were expected to stay at home and care for the family’s needs while men worked outside of the home. In recent decades, however, many companies have seen a growing number of hot Japanese chicks joining their ranks as they strive to meet demands for diversity within their organizations.

As you may know, Sexy and hot Japanese women are some of the most sought-after ladies in the world. Known for their beauty, intelligence, and charming personalities, these ladies make for ideal partners for any man looking for a long-term relationship.

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