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Forget all the marketing a foreign dating agency has sold you — it operates on the credulity of certain naive or desperate men. You will not succeed in finding foreign women if you do not put in any effort. These women’s sole purpose is to get as much money as possible from you. Some of you may even have fallen into the bride trap in the past. There is no shame in that, but you have to learn the proper lessons to attract women and meet your love. We will tell you how to meet foreign women and explain why discovering them is easier than you may have expected.

Anna 27 y.o.
Caroline 30 y.o.
Ivanka 29 y.o.
SMM manager
Ema 27 y.o.
Nataly 32 y.o.
Yuliia 29 y.o.
❤️ Success Marriage Rate69%
Best region to meet foreign womenAsia, Eastern Europe, Latin America, Africa
Foreign bride cost range$800 – $15,000
⌛ Average age of Single Chinese women22 y.o
Divorce rate22%

Pros and Cons of Dating Foreign Women


  • Brides from abroad are beautiful, exotic, and their mentality is interesting to explore;
  • Women outside your country may possess values closer to yours;
  • You will look respectable in the eyes of your family and friends;
  • Foreign brides will take a fresh look at you and not compare you to other more successful men in your country;
  • The age gap problem disappears;
  • They do not know beauty standards in your country — you can win brides you would never meet in your homeland.


  • If you are searching for foreign wives from Eastern Europe, you will have to help them financially and cover all expenses;
  • The mentality gap may stop you from the successful translation of your ideas to women;
  • Brides from abroad may not speak English;
  • You will have to immerse into their culture and learn their local rules of courtship.
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Differences Between a Girl From the East and the West

Many men in the search of foreign brides have made this decision because they think she has some interesting differences from women they can find in their country. But are all men well informed about the differences between Western brides and those from places like Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Lithuania, Moldova, Estonia, or Latvia?

Because in the end, the supposed differences between these ladies and those in their countries are only international stereotypes. And even worse, even within a country, there will also be differences between foreign brides. Moreover, not all the countries of the East can be put on the same footing. For example, the three Baltic countries are now members of the European Union. Their cultures are gradually approaching that of the West. Women are slowly moving away from those collective images that existed during the Soviet era.

Do you want to meet foreign women? To help you better understand the matter, we will see together the fundamental differences between Western brides and former Soviet countries. However, our priority will be on Russia, Belarus, and Ukraine. In other countries, however, things will be pretty similar.

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Seducing Foreign Brides

Most singles you will find on dating sites are between the ages of 18 and 26 and are still students. Very few young girlfriends have a permanent job, and if they do, it is usually in the field of media or beauty. Since you only read the first names, it is not surprising that most profiles merge into one mass at some point with so many similarities. 

To succeed in online communication with lonely foreigners, reply to messages more often. On the portal of the marriage agency, the male half observes the number of answers, looks at how regularly a certain female responds. But, of course, if lonely women are unlucky with foreigners in the first two weeks, she doesn’t like them, or she doesn’t want to correspond with them, unpleasant statistics of responses will be generated in the future. But on dating sites, both parties are in full responsibility for their future relationships. 

How to meet beautiful foreign women? They prefer to write first. You need to respond to all of them and initiate conversations too. There is one distinguishing feature of a foreign marriage agency from other establishments — the recommendations and advice of the agency owner. You can quickly fill out the personal data, start communicating competently with matches and find a partner using the provided tips.

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How to Meet Through Dating Sites

Using dating platforms is the most reliable way to meet foreign women for free. What should you know before starting using them?

  1. Present your profile as if this is the first letter to a foreign stranger. It is necessary to write a few words about yourself, describe your appearance, add a few comments about your character and interests in women. The bride doesn’t know you — describe yourself.
  2. You also need to write about what professional field you work in. For most brides, this is a critical point. Whether you are a lawyer, accountant, scientist, doctor — your future foreign woman will be proud of you. Be sure to indicate why you chose this profession.
  3. Also, tell women what your hobbies are and what you do in your free time. It is essential to correctly and clearly state the idea of ​​your profile. Women will notice you among millions of others if they have something to stick to in your information. Allow them to feel the kinship of souls.

Sites that will help you meet single foreign women are drives and thieves of the heart. In practice, if you can’t find what you’re looking for on these sites, you don’t have to worry. However, if you are looking for non-binding, erotic contacts with foreign individuals who may also have passed the student age, you should try your luck at casual dating. Free sites to meet foreign women are among the best.

Success Story #1 Image
Billy & Jade JollyRomance logo

Billy and Jade had been dating online for a few months when they decided to meet up in person. They both lived in the same city, so it was easy enough for them to agree to meet at a local coffee shop. When they finally met, they were both surprised at how good looking the other was. They started talking and it quickly became clear that they had a lot in common. They ended up dating for a year and then got married. They still tell everyone that their online dating success story is one of the best things that's ever happened to them.

If you are fed up with superficiality and prefer to look for a partner who suits you, you should look around at dating agencies. However, for those who are unsure what and who they are looking for, such platforms are still ideal. Here you can look around, chat, flirt with a foreign bride, and just let everything come your way. 

Best Japanese brides

Where to meet foreign women in the US? Russian dating agencies are one of the most successful on the foreign market. They will surely help you find your love. Let us introduce you to their currently available features:

  • Icebreaker. It allows you to find similarities with the person you want to start a conversation with. The tool shows you the bride photos you need to select.
  • Sending an emoticon. If you don’t know how to start a conversation, it is always good to send a smile and let the bride know that you are interested.
  • Add to favorites. If you don’t want to miss any foreign girls, you can add them to your favorites list.
  • What if? Since dating sites provide you with matches based on your personal information, you might be missing something. This feature provides you with partners that are outside of your preference list.
  • Submitting questions. Sometimes it can be challenging to start a conversation with a foreign bride. Thus the site provides you with automated questions that can help.
  • Notably, there is a new video dating feature. However, it is still in beta. Once it starts functioning properly, it will be an excellent platform update.

Dating sites offer a bunch of outstanding features. For instance, the Vibration Test. This element allows you to settle on video decisions with another member you coordinated with and with whom you had a discussion. The foreign female you are calling should get the video call to go along with you. 

Date enrollment. It’s an obvious fact that foreign women dating can be hazardous. Before the first date, add three crisis contacts, the individual’s name, and the area you are going to. On the off chance that you are in a challenging situation, the site will contact individuals on your crisis list. 

These are the fundamental and most remarkable highlights that should convince you that dating online is a perfect opportunity.

Security Level You Should Expect

Towards the end of 2013, a New York online security company proved that a Tinder security vulnerability made it possible to determine the whereabouts of any Tinder user within 30 meters using the so-called trilateration method. The trilateration method uses the distance between three points to the target point to calculate its exact position. It is used, among other things, by mobile phone providers to determine the position of a particular phone.

According to the foreign security experts, Tinder tried to close this gap. However, our research showed that with basic programming knowledge, it is still possible to determine the position of every foreign Tinder user to within 1.6 km. In our opinion, this vulnerability is highly problematic and could be exploited by stalkers, for example. Therefore, we hope that Tinder will soon do something to protect the privacy of its foreign bride more effectively.

It is all the more shocking that a foreign data protection organization has found that the dating platform — like other popular dating apps — apparently violates basic data protection rules. So, it is up to you what methods to choose to find the woman of your dreams. After all, you can switch the location off when using the app, and rest assured.

Bottom Line

Now you know the best place to meet foreign women. If you want to put all the odds in your favor to seduce foreigners, you will have to decipher how they work. You will have to understand what these brides expect from you. You will also have to learn foreign dating rules not to be fooled by the Gold Diggers. Above all, you have to realize that sleeping with a girl from the East will take time. These women are not as sexually free as in some countries. Foreign women are still very conservative.

There is a lot to learn to be able to pick up a fiance from another country. Their mentality is not the same depending on their motherland. If you act in a way that you think is correct, it may be seen as inappropriate for the girlfriend. Knowing where to meet foreign women is already the most important step, so you are on the right path.

How to meet foreign women?

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There are a few things to keep in mind when trying to meet foreign women. First, it is important to be respectful of her culture and customs. Second, be sure to approach her in a friendly manner and be yourself. Third, try to find common interests that you can both enjoy. Lastly, remember to be patient and never give up on your dreams of finding the perfect foreign woman. With these tips in mind, you should have no trouble meeting

How to talk to foreign bride

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Once you’ve found a site that you like, take some time to browse the profiles of the women who are available. You can filter your results by age, location, and interests, so it’s easy to find someone who is compatible with you.
When you find a woman that you’d like to talk to, send her a message and start getting to know her better. Be sure to be respectful and courteous; after all, she is someone’s daughter, sister, or mother.

How to treat yourself with foreign brides

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There are a few things to keep in mind when treating foreign brides with respect and care. Mail order brides are usually from countries where they may not have the same legal or social status as men. In some cases, they may be simply looking for a better life! It’s important to remember that mail order brides are human beings just like anyone else, and deserve to be treated with kindness, respect, and understanding.

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